About Us

Mouth Wide Open is a food truck and catering service in Charlottesville, VA.  We bring you fresh eats on the streets or to the front door of your party.

Our food reflects our roots and travels.   We have tasted America with our mouths wide open.  So the Mouth Wide Open menu is a collaboration across place and taste:

In our specialty sliders and sides you can taste the places we’ve lived:  from the New England taste of a fresh crisp apple and extra-sharp cheddar cheese slider to the California savory n spicy jalapeno beef and cheese slider; from the downhome Mississippi catfish and BBQ pulled pork sliders to the seashore South Carolina crab cake slider.

We are excited to share our love of food and memories with the city of Charlottesville. We serve good food that’s fresh, simple, and quick.

Taste the travels!

–Keshia Barnett-Wert and Justin Wert, owners

Contact us for our truck locations and setting up catering for your special events:

843-412-4322    streeteats@mwofoodtruck.com

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