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Drive the American Dream 

How the step-van style delivery truck has powered the American Dream for over one hundred years.   

--a series by Justin Wert







Delivery Trucks, Ice Cream Trucks & Food Trucks

and the American Way of Life, 1900 to the present

     We have to say, we love step-vans!  For so many reasons.


     We love these trucks!  These multi-purpose vehicles.  Once they were delivery trucks, and then ice

     cream trucks, and now they’re food trucks, too.

     And we love our particular truck, the Mouth Wide Open food truck:  a 1985 Chevy Step-Van P-30,

     powered by the last of the carbureted Chevy 350 engines.  A simple truck of mechanical beauty.

     And with a personality all her own.  But more about that later…

     The general design of this type of vehicle is practical, well-suited to a variety of purposes.  The step-

     van delivery truck has powered the American Dream:  during and after WWI, throughout the Great

     Depression and from WWII to the present.  For more than 100 years it has delivered all kinds of

     goods and packages to and from American businesses and households.

     Want to know more about step-vans as delivery trucks, ice cream trucks and food trucks? 

     …stay tuned right here.  In the weeks and months to come we will post a series of stories

     highlighting these vehicles and how they have powered the American Dream.

     See you on the street!

     --Justin, Keshia and Ian Wert, Mouth Wide Open food truck, Charlottesville VA, since 2012

Pictures from UPS Archives/Huffington Post, and Mouth Wide Open LLC

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